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Privacy Policy


Should you find any website within our service which is illegal and/or breaches the Terms of Use thereof please contact us providing details. Thank you!


Dear Internet User! PolishDating respects and understands your right to privacy. All your personal data gathered during your visit to PolishDating service shall be used solely for purposes compatible with the primary destination of our service. NONE of the information you give us is to be used in any other way or brought to third parties' knowledge (according to the Terms of Use). Should you have any questions concerning the Terms of Use write to us


Registration and personal data


Registration form requires that you give your detailed personal information such as: full name, date of birth, e-mail address, marital status, education, which are indispensable to use any additional functions of the PolishDating service.

The Administration of PolishDating warrants that all the information given during the registration process shall be used solely according to the foundations of the service and shall never be used for any other purposes.

Only you and the service administration know personal information given during the registration process. From our side we want to guarantee, that your personal information shall never be made familiar to any other person. At the same time, we ask you to also remain careful as you give your personal information to any third parties.


Forbidden content


Service administrators of PolishDating will be strictly watching, so that no content contradictory with international law as well as pornographic content and contents generally deemed unaesthetic and immoral shall be publicized within the service.


Deleting your account


PolishDating Service makes it possible for you to completely delete your account. In consequence, all information you gave us during the registration process will be irretrievably deleted from PolishDating database.




In case you are not the exclusive user of a computer and you are using PolishDating service, immediately after you end your session do not forget to logout of the service using the Logout icon.